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          In Turkey, in today’s Eskisehir region chlacedony has been mined from the existing chalcedony deposits for thousands years.  The date goes back to Antique Ages (BC  800-600). The chalcedon which is known as “ blue gold” and described as evel eye bead of the nature, has been mined, used and exported since Hittites and Uratu era. Later on, during Roman Empire,the export figures of the chalcedony reached to  a maximum level. In this era it was used as  a seal ring,jewel and in carving.

          The chalcedony Stone takes its names from the port where it was exported from.In the Roman era exportation of this stone started  from Kadikoy/İstanbul. Kadikoy was, at that time a small town and its present name was Khalkedon a Greek word. Thus the origin of the word “chalcedony” has come from that small town.

          In the ancient cultures it was believed the the chalcedon effected  human spirit and and belief positively helped in therapy of sleeping problems. Also some other therapy powers and importance were attributed to various chalcedony varieties .

Chalcedony knife, AD 1000-1200 Chalcedony cameo of Titus head, 2nd Century AD