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Cultural Belief

          Chalcedony Stone in Ancient Cultures

          In ancient cultures it was believed that chalcedony  effected the spirit and belief positively and cured sleeping problems.In the Roman Empire era it has been also known as “jurist stone” and owing to some rumours has been used by the lawyers as necklace and it is believed the lawyers thus win their cases. Chalcedony is known bringing comfort and peace with its colour also its  tension (blood pressure) regulating character is famous.Owing to Chinese reports it is considered as the first  jewel stone. It has the characteristics of spirit and belief strengthening.The chalcedony which is believed to be sent by God is accepted as the symbol of power and success. It is also believed that holders of this Stone does not have sleeping problem and dream nice dreams and  protects its holders against calamities.

          Physical Effects

  • It is used for ophtalmological problems
  • In order to have a soft and clear voice Chalcedony should be carried on neck
  • As it has positive effects on hormones and glandulas mammaria it is recommended the lochias to carry it always with them.

          Metaphysical and Psychological Effects

  • It make easy to be adapted to changes
  • When you feel yourself strained and nervous Chalcedony will give you the internal support you need
  • It strengthen your communication ability and gives necessary will and courage to express one’s felings.
  • Owing to its protective characteristics could be used against evil eye.
  • It prevents the negative energy and provide a balance between soul and body
  • It is an intellectual, sentimental and spiritual stabilizer
  • It calms, hostility, discomfort and melancholia and raises generosity,sensivity and understanding and provides mineral to be efficiently assimilated
  • It symbolizes optimizm and goodwil
  • It strengthen thinking ability, provide good speaking
  • It keeps the mind strong and cures dementia.